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17th May 2021 - The reopening date 2021

You know, when I opened my little B&B in spring 2017, I could not have foreseen that I had to close it for most of its 3rd and 4th year due to a global pandemic. I thought I knew how to ride this rollercoaster we call life quite well, but the past 14 months have been something else! Hope you've all been able to cope and stay safe?

The good news is that my little dog-friendly place still exists and that as of later this month I'm once more ready and able to host guests who want to enjoy a bit of coastal living here in North Wales for their break! That's something to celebrate, at least in my book.

Like last summer, when I was allowed to be open for a full two months (I know!?), I will not be staying in the house with my guests other than to welcome them, settle them in, feed them my yummy breakfasts and say goodbye at the end of their stay.

I will also only rent out the single room in combination with either double bedroom to ensure there is no need to share bathrooms while people are getting vaccinated and we keep coming out the other end of this (fingers crossed!) Covid-19 situation.

It will also mean a minimum stay of 3 nights due to the ongoing rigorous and extensive cleaning regime as per the current Welsh regulations.

The other good news is that North Wales still has tons to offer - Snowdonia (though you have to make sure to book if you're one of those Yr Wyddfa enthusiasts) with its choice of many mountains, waterfalls and lakes,

Anglesey with its beautiful beaches,

the slightly more remote Llŷn Peninsula

and the entire coast

are free and vast enough to accommodate you and admire the stunning countryside that surrounds us, no issue with social distancing here.

And more good news - the lovely home-cooked breakfasts my guests always enjoy and comment on will still be sourced locally wherever possible. I can cater for most diets and have so far not had anyone leaving the breakfast room hungry.

So if you feel you need a break (and let's be honest - who isn't itching to away more than 5 miles from home this year?) and want to be a little bit pampered, why not book yourself a little seaside holiday (with your dog) and come and see us here in North Wales?

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