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Bookworm Alert!

I love reading books - always have, always will... You can totally get lost in another reality/fantasy world so you get a reprieve from the world we live in - it's one of my favourite things to do. No problem with spending a rainy weekend entirely engrossed in a well written novel (not a big fan of non-fiction!). My reading range is fairly varied, but I do love a good thriller/detective story/whosdunnit any day.

Having discovered Jussi Adler-Olsen (Danish) a few years ago, I await each new book eagerly - contrary to other Scandinavian inspectors, Carl Mørck, is not a happy and slef-confident one by any means, but at least he's not thinking about suicide all the time ;)

He has a totally whacko team with whom he solves the fascinating cold cases that Department Q gets lumbered with:

The intriguing Syrian Assad (who might be called Said?) whose Danish is making headway, but still a great source for amusement (for me) and confusion/frustration (for Carl).

Then there is Rose who ensures the men do what they're supposed to do rather than making endless cups of undrinkable tea (Assad) or having so many naps throughout the day that nothing at all happens (Carl). She has her own slowly revealed past and is potentially dealing with some severe mental issues (or not?).

In book no. 6 (The Hanging Girl - wonderfully complex and covering about 25 years across the case/story) they're forced to have Gordon join the team (nepotistic addition by Carl's power-hungry boss) who is not only unable to speak full sentences without bad English add-ins, but also seems to have several short-comings in the brain department and certainly does not understand what police work means.

The crime case is always not straight forward, has twists and turns you live through as a reader and that I really enjoy as I don't want to already know who did it in the middle of the book. The characters have become very dear to me throughout the time I've spent with them, learning and second-guessing their pasts which made them into who they are and I do like that I can have 'laugh-out-loud-moments' when reading about grisly stuff that lets you look into the deepest and darkest corners of human nature.

So now I've just downloaded the German version of Jussi's latest book 'Selfies' (English Title will be 'The Scarred Woman') on audible as an audio book as I simply can't wait till September this year for the English translation to appear...

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