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First 4 months summary

Time flies when you're having fun ... and keep busy ;)

It feels like yesterday - but at the same time, like I've opened my little B&B on the magnificent North Welsh Coast a long time ago.

Thank you to all my lovely guests who have chosen to stay with me over the past months. It's been an absolute pleasure to have you here in my new home!

I've seen a steady increase over the months in guest numbers and am definitely glad I'm a dog-friendly place as I've met many lovely four-legged guests that liked it here.

When I opened to the world in April, just before Easter, I was very chuffed to receive bookings right from the time my online presence was up.

The Easter weekend was fully booked with lovely guests and so was the last April weekend as well, yay! Through my trusted website I was also making first new friends who were great to make me feel at home locally and interested in me and my new venture.

Exploring the local area by walking in the mountains

behind Pen and also getting to know Anglesey, which is only 30 minutes away, with a group of fellow walkers helped me to settle in and feel like I was on holiday myself half the time.

In May all weekends were busy and I got into my daily routine when people were about while still having plenty of time to explore the area and get to know my part of North Wales.

Plenty of fantastic feedback came in via my guestbook, TripAdvisor, Facebook, .... and I received my rating (5) from the Environmental Health Officer!

And then the absolutely unexpected happened on top of all of that: I met someone, got to know him and fell in love. Who'd have thought? ;)

So May 2017 was definitely a great month in all aspects for me.

June was a very happy month, too, for obvious reasons (see above), but I was surprised to find that it wasn't as busy from a booking perspective as I'd expected, which was a shame as the weather had been wonderfully sunny, warm and summery.

I had some friends from back home visiting and we kept busy with visiting lots of places such as Ynys Llanddwyn, Bodnant Garden, Chester, Caernarfon, etc. while making sure my newly re-discovered love life got all the TLC it deserved.

When July rolled on with plenty of both weekend and mid-week bookings I felt all was coming together VERY nicely and decided that the part-time job I thought I'd have to get in order to meet all necessary financial requirements could well wait till autumn.

Apart from guests I didn't know I also had a few friends visiting again and even got to see Bryan Adams who gave a concert here on the coast, 15 minutes away from me, how cool is that?!

Now we're half-way through August and it's been a bit of a slow month, interestingly enough considering that I'm family-friendly and the school holidays are in full swing...

But ad-hoc bookings and working with the Tourist Information Conwy is bringing in some business even though it can be very short notice.

Summary of my first few months here in Cymru - I'm a very happy woman with a fantastic work-life balance in a place of outstanding natural beauty enjoying exactly the lifestyle I was aiming for with a man I love and am ever so glad I met. 2017 might just be my year, ey? ;)

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