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Join in - do your bit to reduce waste!

Think Green is a motto with which I've grown up and for me it feels weird to see the amount of plastic being used in every day life here in the UK, although, Wales seems to be doing better than England where I last lived.

I'm always keen to learn more ways to improve the sustainability of myself and my business and I found two new lovely products at the beginning of this year that will do just that:

Beeswax wraps from a friendly small company based in the Cotswolds ( made with only natural stuff:

Beeswax (obviously! as the name indicates), jojoba oil, pine resin and cotton replace any aluminium foil and cling film in my kitchen moving forward. They're super easy to use, clean and maintain AND they're so much prettier in my fridge with these colourful designs, don't you agree?

The second addition to my environmentally friendly household came via the recommendation of a friend who runs ethicological ( where you can find beautifully hand-crafted toys, cards, etc. from India, ethically sourced.

It's called egloo ( and heats/humidifies (and can even scent) a room in an eco-friendly way simply by using thermodynamics, a lovely hand-crafted terracotta dome and tea lights. This is what it looks like - pretty, ey?

It's a cleverly designed indoor heater that can bring your room temperature up by 3/4 degrees Celsius in a natural way, i.e. without having to plug any heaters into the sockets/switching on the central heating.

It won't replace your heating, but can be ideal for cool spring/summer/autumn days. I'm using it in my living-room where the difference is noticeable after about half an hour of the candles being lit and the warm air being released into the surroundings.

So if anyone knows of any other clever eco-friendly ideas, please share with me as only together we can make a difference to preserve our beautiful planet earth.

Happy February!

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