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Spring is finally here - so let's go out there and walk the beautiful green hills and valleys

Living in North Wales and not walking the beautiful countryside?

Just not doable ... for me ;)

Over the coming weeks/months I'll share a number of lovely walks I've discovered over the past year of living here with you - they'll cover both the coast and Snowdonia and cater for all ability levels and ages - you can probably figure out that I prefer to walk by the coast versus in Snowdonia, though I've managed a few there, too.

Today we're starting with one of my favourites, it's only 7 minutes down the road in the car and is great in all four seasons. My guests really like it, too.

Aber Falls

Aber Falls

It is a dog and buggy/wheelchair friendly easy 3 hour walk, which isn't too strenuous and takes you on a clearly marked road/gravel path up into a valley from a cute little place called Abergwyngreyn to the 37m tall Rhaeadr Fawr waterfall.

You will see -  on a clear day - stunning views across to Anglesey as well as lots and lots and lots of natural beauty all around you including bluebells (April/May), lichen on really old trees, wildlife such as birds and butterflies and - it offers a lovely place to have a picnic on mossy grass once there (weather permitting as usual in Wales).

It's a great walk in all weather and varies through the seasons as you can see in the collage below - who doesn't love a waterfall?

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