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Cemaes Bay - a walk for you if you want a proper work out ;)

This is a great 5.5 mile circular walk along the coast of Northern Anglesey showing you the wild and dramatic (read very strenuous!) landscape – so wear appropriate walking boots and maybe don't do it on the hottest day of the year? ;)

You can park near the beginning of the path in the village of Cemaes Bay at the harbour. From the car walk along the seawall and along the lane towards Porth Wen, following the lane for about a mile.

Once you've got the less scenic part of this walk out of the way, you can go down to the the ruins of Porth Wen Brickworks, which you'll see from the footpath you're on, tall chimneys and kilns from a time long ago.

f you prefer, just continue along the footpath, go through a couple of gates and bear left enjoying the view across Porth Wen Bay.

From here on just follow the path up and down, low and high along the rugged coastline as there isn't really anywhere else to go.

You'll pass Porth Cyfnor (Hell's Mouth), the most northern headland of Wales, Dinas Gynfor, where there is an old lookout, and then you drop down (quite steeply) into Porth Llanlleiana where the old remains of the old porcelain factory is still easily visible.

Once you've had a look around (if you feel so inclined) and/or had a little picnic break in this idyllic spot, it's a steep climb up the other side, continuing on this path along the beautiful coast until you come to St. Patrick's Church (Saint Badrig) at Porth Padrig, which has a very interesting graveyard you could explore further.

Along the last bit of the path back to your car you can either follow the lane (not so pretty) or keep following the coastal pathway toward Penrhyn Mawr where you get a beautiful view across Cemaes Bay, coming down off the cliffs and turn right at the National Trust sign to make your way back to your car.

It's a lot of up and down, quite stony in places, but a thoroughly rewarding walk that works well in the cooler months of the year and is less travelled than others on Ynys Mon.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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