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Gran Canaria - lush and green in spring and great for walks

Having just returned from a lovely relaxing holiday on Gran Canaria I thought my newest blog post could be about walking on that fascinating continent in miniature form.

We stayed in the green fresh and beautiful Northern part of the island, near Teror, a delightful little town with a great Sunday market.

During our ten days we went on a fair deal of walks of all levels and I'll share with you the ones we enjoyed best here.

If you want an easy level walk, the island makes it tricky for you, but if you don't mind gradual ascents and descents there are plenty of options to choose from. Paths are very well maintained and clearly sign-posted. We didn't get lost ;)

A great coastal walk is near the most remote spot on the western coast of the island at Puerto de la Aldea from where you start towards the Punto de la Aldea and discover a sweet little beach on the way back (great for sunset shots!).

You overlook this quiet little harbour village pictured here.

You will see back into the Barranco de la Aldea as well as along the coast during this 2 hour long wander on lava gravel.

A wholly different, but just as enjoyable hike is walking in the Barranco de la Mina between Tejeda and Vega de San Mateo.

Bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering around you in the green hillside with lots and lots of wildflowers.

You can make this walk as strenuous as you like by exhausting yourself going all the way down the deep valley and back up, or, like us, take it a little easier by walking around the upper part watching the insects busy at work, the birds circling the air and little shady parts for picnic spots here and there with great views.

A walk for people with a head for heights is along the edge of the youngest volcano crater of the island - La Caldera de Bandama. It's simple to find, but you should be comfortable with abysses on either side of the path and wear good walking boots.

There are amazing views, lots of the omnipresent succulent and cacti as well as lizards running past you down into the crater bowl. You can walk down there (and back up!), too, if you like, but be mindful that there is no wind down there and the sun light is focusing at the bottom of it. So take plenty of water and wear hats/sun protection if you decide to do this.

We really enjoyed the varied landscapes of the island and found the walks letting us explore the flora and fauna in more detail. Hope you find some inspiration for your trip to Gran Canaria!

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