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Summer dessert - simple, but wow!

Have you been invited for a meal with friends/family/colleagues/strangers and been asked to bring a dessert?

This might be the simplest dessert I've ever made, but still has the Wow Factor and tastes great - especially in the summer.

The only snag - you've got to make it the night before...

I consider this a bonus, but it rules it out for spontaneous last minute arrangements ;)

It has only 4 ingredients and is made and put into the freezer in 10 minutes - what's not to love?

What you need to feed 6 people:

  • 750g Double Cream

  • 750g Greek Yoghurt

  • 750g berries of your choice - I find raspberries work best in combination or on their own

  • 100g dark brown muscovado sugar

You whip the cream and yoghurt in a bowl until it has soft peaks.

You then layer the berries, the cream/yoghurt mix and the muscovado sugar (not too many clumps if you can help it) into a nice bowl of your choice.

I end with the muscovado sugar and use some kept back berries for decoration.

Then cover your dessert with a nice beeswax wrap if you have one (sooo colourful and environmentally friendly) and leave in the fridge for the magic to happen. Over the next 12-24 hrs the dairy mix will react with the sugar and form a nice soft caramell, which gives this dessert its unique aspect.

Take it to the party and enjoy both the dessert itself and the compliments you'll get from the people who eat it!

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