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Lighthouses - I love them, do you?

Lighthouses have been around for thousands of years, the first ones being simple fires on top of hills and mountains near the shore to light ships the way into the harbour. From Egyptians to Greeks and Romans brought to us to Europe over the centuries.

Here in the North of Wales we have a fair number along the coastline and I love visiting them, walking near them and taking photos of them.

The closes to my home is the proud Trwyn Du (Black Point) at Penmon Point, which can't even be reached at low tide on foot. There is a fog bell (which you can just about make out in the pic below on the right hand side of the railing at the top) which still tolls regularly every 30 seconds.

It dates back to 1838 and guides boats through the narrow and shallow passage between Anglesey's Penmon Point and Puffin Island.

There is a lovely walk which takes you to this scenic spot and there is a cute little cafe, too.

Goleudy Trwyn y Balog at Point Lynas is a different lighthouse altogether with the light source at the bottom of the tower rather than at the top as the entire building is located on a hill-cliff already. It lights the way for ships to and from Liverpool and has done so in cooperation with the pilot station nearby since 1835.

Another great lighthouse is Ynys Lawd, better known as South Stack Lighthouse near Holyhead, set quite dramatically on an island that used to be part of the main island Anglesey before the sea created the separate stack. It's a great place for walks as well as bird watching and the first lighthouse here had been built in 1809.

One of the most photographed lighthouses here on Anglesey is Twr Mawr (Tall Tower) on Ynys Llanddwyn dating back to 1845 on this little island that is only accessible at low tide. Right next to it is Twr Bach (Small Tower), which is even older as it was built in 1800. There is a romantic legendtied to this place, which gives the Welsh their Valentince's Day called Sant Dwynwen's Day on 25th January.

Here you can enjoy - on a sunny day - beautiful beaches, little coves ideal for picknicks and watch sealife and birds to your heart's content.

Twr Bach

Twr Mawr

So if you like lighthouses like me, you should come and visit these beauties up here. There are a few more I've not got round to seeing myself yet, either: Talacre Lighthouse at Point Ayr, Amlwch Old Harbour Lighthouse, Ynys Y Moelrhoniaid on the Skerries, Holyhead Breakwater Ligthhouse and Goleudy Enlli on Bardey Island.

But, here a totally different final pic of a Lighthouse on Gran Canara where we were on holidays earlier this year, a successful experiment of taking a photo with my new toy, a lenseball. What do you think?

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