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Sunsets - who doesn't love them?

Having lived here now for over two years, I've taken about a thousand sunset photos because they are all different and all unique and all beautiful.

I've got my own 'sunset barometer' - there is an Italianate building across the Dingle from my house and when the tower of it goes orange/pink/golden, I know it's time I leg it down to the beach to watch nature's spectacle anew.

Here a tiny selection of the ones I've captured in the past year:

What do you think it is that appeals to us humans about this compelling natural spectacle time and again?

The English artist, William Turner (1789-1862), shared my fascination judging by his paintings, though I do appreciate the advantage I have - my smartphone, which is a good thing, too, as I'm absolutely rubbish at drawing/painting.

Each sunset looks different, depending on weather conditions, time of year, location/setting. But the forever changing beauty with the colour palette ranging from shades of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, purple to blues, greys and umbras signalling the end of the day fascinates not only me. What's your take on this? Feel free to comment below and have a good evening (and sunset maybe?) wherever you are.

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