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Welsh Beaches - variety, blue flags, beauty

Considering I grew up in landlocked Southern Germany it's a bit difficult to explain why I've always loved being near the sea. No idea where this yearning for wide horizons, blue/turquoise waters and coastal variety from cliff to beach is coming from.

So I'm feeling like I've finally arrived when - here on the stunning and marvellous North Wales coast - I'm spoilt for choice with what kind of seaside I fancy today.

Admittedly most days it's just a quick stroll down to 'my' beach, but if I want I can have anything from a sheer cliff (South Stack, Anglesey or Little Orme near Llandudno) to a sandy beach with (Rhosneigr/Newborough/Aberffraw) or without (Morfa Conwy or Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey) dunes to everything inbetween.

We have a wide variety of beaches, all clean, most of them dog-friendly, each pretty in its own right and once you've come to terms with the tidal times you can enjoy your kind of beach at your perfect time.

They're very rarely crowded and since most of them are quite expansive, you'll always find a quiet little corner if you want one.

The only thing you'll have to put up with: the weather! That, alas, in Wales can change within an instant and isn't too keen on following the Met Office's forecasts.

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