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Seal watching in North Wales

If you're into wildlife, we have a lovely treat for you here in North Wales between autumn and spring - Angel Bay is temporary home to lots of seals (with their pups) in the colder months and, plus point for us, you can walk your dog in this popular place near the Little Orme just between Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea and watch them at low tide.

It's a stunning landscape as well, great for bird watchers with all the sea birds nesting in these cliffs.

It's a popular dog walking area and if your four-legged friend is into social interaction I guarantee you'll meet other dog owners while walking here.

My own personal best seal count to date over the past three years was 89 seals/pups at low tide last February (2019), they're very well camouflaged, so who knows if I counted correctly ;)

Another good reason to come and visit in the winter?

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