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Varied circular coastal walk - Cemaes Bay to Porth Wen (and back, of course!)

We were so happy when, at the end of July, we finally were allowed again to travel further than 5 miles for non-essential stuff and so headed out straight to Anglesey, which is on our doorstep, for this lovely walk we hadn't done in a couple of years.

Cemaes Bay is a popular resort, especially on a sunny day, but the coastal path is never as busy as the beach and so we walked up and down hills/cliffs along the Anglesey Coastal Path, past industrial ruins along the stunning coastline, had a picnic with amazing views and enjoyed a place we love and hadn't been to for what felt too long.

Fancy walking here yourself? It's not a difficult walk, but you should wear good walking boots, have no issues with heights and be fairly fit as it's a lot of up and down. Dogs are allowed, too.

Park your car at the beach car park at Cemaes Bay - Traeth Mawr or, even better, if you can find it, the one down the eastern side of the beach, past the Bay View Hotel/Restaurant. Follow the public footpath that goes straight up a little incline on the right hand side before you go down to the beach, through some shrubbery and climb those steps.

Now you just follow this path for the majority of the walk, it passes Sant Padrig, a tiny little church with a cemetery right on the cliffs, and you can enjoy fantastic views all along the way.

After a couple of hills, you drop down to Llanlleiana where you can see the ruins of the old porcelain factory and the closed up clay pit. It's a good spot for a picnic, if you're hungry now...

Here you have the choice to make it a bit easier and avoid the next couple of ups and downs by walking along the reed bed inland or, if you're wanting a proper workout, climbing the steep side up behind the ruins to continue your way.

If you choose the latter, the reward here is that you get to the ruins of the Coronation Tower of King Edward VII, looking out over the Irish Sea.

Both routes eventually take you to another industrial ruin, the old Porth Wen Brickworks, which are not to open to the public, but apart from the path being a little treacherous, lots of people go down there anyway. Us included ;)

It's an impressive site and we enjoyed exploring it for the first time that day.

Whether or not you decide to climb down to this, here the path takes you inland and the circle closes by walking along the quiet country lanes back to your car. The latter part isn't quite as scenic, but we prefer walking this way round as it's easier on the feet/legs to walk along the lanes after you've done the hills rather than the other way round.

Hope this made you interested and helps you if you decide to do this hike for yourself!

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