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Walking in the Conwy Valley

I don't know about you, but we always try to go where few other people enjoy their walks (this has been the case even before the pandemic) and so we were very chuffed the other weekend to find this easy, but beautiful woodland walk high up above the Conwy Valley near Cadair Ifan Goch - Red John's Chair.

One of the legends surrounding this place says this is where the giant Red John sat to cool his feet in the river Conwy. Not a bad seat if you ask me.

Our dog is getting old, he's 12.5 now, and can't walk very far in one go any more. Sad, but something we try to accommodate whenever possible.

So this was a fairly easy 3 mile walk giving us magnificent views across the Valley as you can see in my panorama shot above.

The only difficult part is to find the little car park as the signs aren't all that well placed.

If you follow the sign for Cadair Ifan Goch from the main road and ensure you're on the single track lane that states on a blue sign that it is not suitable for heavy vehicles, you should find the small shady car parking between the houses of the spread out hamlet.

Most of the walk is under the canopy of the ancient woodland where a lovely variety of trees grow, so it's great for a hot day's walk as you will stay fairly cool in the shade here.

The beautiful old trees, lots of them coppiced, which makes for very interesting growth structures, range from beeches and sweet chestnuts to hazel, acers, only very few pines and the wildlife obviously benefits from this habitat.

After about half a mile you can climb the steps up to the viewpoint where I took the panorama shot. There is a large bench, ideal for a picnic, which we enjoyed up there.

The rest of the circular walk is a lovely meandering path with some gentle ups and downs and you might want to bring binoculars if you want to spot some birds?

We enjoyed the walk, met one other couple right at the beginning and the dog wasn't too knackered at the end either.

So, if you want to avoid the masses, we can definitely recommend this walk!

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