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Wildlife in North Wales

Lots of people come to North Wales for Snowdonia with is magnificent mountains, large lakes and fabulous views or to visit Anglesey with its varied coastline and beautiful beaches, but did you know that we have quite a variety of interesting wildlife up here, too?

Carneddau Wild Ponies

The Carneddau hills are the most northern mountain range in Snowdonia, just bordering onto the coast. Here you can spot wild ponies with their foals roaming the hillsides. These semi-ferral horses have been around since the Bronze Age and endure all sorts of weather up on those hills.

Do not feed them! They're wild and quite shy, but you can often see a fair few of them above Penmaenmawr in the hills.

Kashmiri Goats on the Great Orme

You might have heard about these goats last summer during lockdown times where they came off their headland and had their bit of fun in Llandudno?

You normally can smell them before you can see them though their impressive horns are quite easily spotted on the slopes of the Great Orme. They came all the way from Northern India over a hundred years ago, were brought to England and somehow ended up here.

Seals in Angel Bay

If you're ever visiting us in the autumn/winter months between October and March, be sure to take a stroll around the Little Orme and pop over to Angel Bay at low tide to count how many seals and their new born pup you can spot. They're very well camouflaged next to the stones on the little bay, don't you think?


All along the coast, especially around cliff areas like the Little and the Great Orme, or around the North Coast of Anglesey (South Stack for example) you can enjoy watching seabirds all year round. Puffins, razor bills, all sorts of gulls, terns, etc. and if you're interested in migrating birds the RSPB reserves at Conwy, South Stack or in the Fens on Anglesey are definitely worth a visit. Also, keep your eyes peeled on any walks you might do as you can easily spot lots of birds all around you.

Butterflies and moths

Other little joys while being out and about in North Wales are all the delicate butterflies and moths (yes, during the day time, too!) you can come across from late spring to early autumn.

Here, on the left, a Cinnabar moth with it's bright red colours.

Common Blues like here on the right are rarely still, so I'm particularly happy with this shot.

Little tortoiseshell posing here on some pretty flowers for us.

Red Admirals are around in the garden and along a lot of coastal paths on days when it's not too windy.

Dolphins along the coast

And last, but certainly not least, if you get very lucky you can see dolphins and porpoises while visiting our beaches and walking along our coastal paths as they often swim not too far off the coast. We even spotted the fin of a couple of Orca Whales off Ynys Llanddwyn (Anglesey) one summer

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