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About Me

Penmaenmawr is a new Bed and Breakfast and the only one of its kind in this friendly quarry town - I fell in love with the area back in 2015 while searching for a suitable property where I could realise my dream. After finding this beautiful Victorian house in summer 2016, with its lovely sea and mountain views, nestled right in the middle of town, I decided to buy it and start my  little business here, now opening in April 2017.


Why I wanted to run a B&B in Wales?

Well, there is a story behind it, like with most significant life choices:

Originally from Germany (the beautiful South), I did my gap year in a small village on the Welsh Coast, called Llwyngwril, back in 1997. I helped a couple run a small B&B with several self-catering cottages for the year, learned loads, enjoyed it most of the time, loved the stunning natural beauty of Wales and decided then that I'd come back to live here some day.

And I did!

Admittedly, it took me a while, but via university, a short stint in France, various jobs in the corporate world, which always had to do with people (tourism, retail, HR) I made it back to the home of my heart - Cymru.

So I look forward to meeting you, can converse with you in several European languages though I have to warn you - some are a bit more rusty than others, provide lovingly home-cooked and -baked food, which will set you up for your day out whatever your plans are and ensure you can fall into super-comfy beds on your return to rest, relax and get a good night's sleep.

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